the Mammal Chronicles: March 2010

when it comes right down to it, ya lactate or ya don't.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Random Thoughts While I Should Be Grading

  • Service-learning makes the stakes higher. You have to be even more vested in the students succeeding because the end product goes to a community partner. Hopefully it makes the stakes higher for the students as well.
  • Having a grant to do said service-learning and create said end product for the community makes the stakes higher yet.
  • There is the sense that your own reputation rides on the success of the above if your students don't come through.
  • This weekend is the yard sale to end all yard sales. My rampant Target clearance-induced shopping binges will be purged.
  • I am still not purging enough of the bulk that has accumulated in my life. I wish I could convert all my books to Kindle.
  • I am getting rid of the candle-making supplies and the soapmaking supplies, but do I really need to keep hundreds of rubber stamps I haven't used in a decade? Can't I pare them down? Will I really use that sculpy again?
  • Research notes, transcripts and ephemera are way too bulky. But that ephemera is not available in most libraries, archives or online databases. What if I do pick up that research again?
  • Reading diaries from when you were 18 is painful and heartening at the same time. Some things never change, and yet some things do.
  • Yes, I can finally rid myself of childhood school projects and my jar of baby teeth.
  • I am still way too sentimental. Or just a packrat.
  • The end. I really must get to grading...