the Mammal Chronicles: June 2008

when it comes right down to it, ya lactate or ya don't.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A new tagline

In the comments on my previous post, Slangred pointed out that my tagline is officially no longer true:

Mother, with tenure.
Professor, without.

Too bad in a way. I liked the tagline even if I didn't like the status of untenured *junior* professor. As I've often said, in what other profession do you plod through upwards of 10 years of higher education only to end up a junior or assistant anything? So now, after 11 years of college (5 undergrad, 6 grad) and 6 years of assistant professor status, I've clawed my way to "associate." Yup, that's right, I won't be a "full" professor for another 6 years.

So that tagline, what should it be?

Full mother, associate professor? Nah. Not very catchy.

I also toyed with "Treecup is about to go on sabbatical, or die trying." Nixed that one too. Especially since I keep thinking of more projects I want to tackle on my sabbatical. Sheez, I can't even relax right.

I finally settled on "Treecup has 9 more cycles 'til retirement." That one should last me a while.

And give me hope. After all, I have 9 more cycles to learn to relax.

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