the Mammal Chronicles: May 2008

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Woo Deux

me too


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

you really can't go back

Some time ago, I wrote about visiting my graduate alma mater and finding things so different that they were almost unrecognizable. I returned again last week for the retirement party of my dissertation director and found that all I remember is now utterly and completely gone. There is no home there.

I was cleaning out my garage this weekend, and oddly enough I stumbled on a file folder filled with all my papers from that first year of graduate school -- and I mean all of them: from blue books to research papers -- the whole kit and caboodle down to my handwritten notes from every class, complete with doodles of teacups in the margins.

There is one professor (he was at the party, though he retired more than 10 years ago) who still puts the fear of god into me. No wonder. In a blue book from that first year, I saw that he gave me a 90 out of 100, which he then translated as a "B." A "B"! Who calls 90 a "B"???

I also found the journal I was required to keep as part of my very first graduate class. The first sentence I ever wrote in graduate school read, "It seems there is no consensus on the definition of folklore."

In any case, the graduate experience I remember is dead. Dead, dead, dead. I think this summer I may pull out all those notes and read them thoroughly. I've not thought that much about folklore in a long time and I think it will be nice to have a conversation with my 27 year old self. Lord knows I don't get to talk about folklore much with anyone else.



:An entry from January 31 that somehow never got posted:

My new favorite book is Hiccupotamus, the Hippo who hiccups quite a lot-a-mus. The problem is I get so into it that every time I "hic!" I send myself into a coughing fit. Yes, I'm sick. Again. But duty calls, and when a Hippo hics, you gotta put your all into it.

My husband's new favorite book to read is Going to School. I don't like the book itself much, but I love how participatory my daughter is with it. She counts the school children holding hands in a row (she gets it right sometimes, then the next time it will be "one, fwee, one, fwee, one, fwee, four, seven, eight, nine, fwee"), says "oh no!" when she realizes the two children split by the page seam aren't holding hands, putting her fingers between them to link them. When they get to the page where they are making cupcakes, she pretends to pick off sprinkles from the cupcake and feeds them to us.

Bedtime rocks.

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