the Mammal Chronicles: April 2008

when it comes right down to it, ya lactate or ya don't.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

playing catch-up

This will be one of those "I haven't written in forever so I'm going to vomit onscreen to catch-up" type posts, and in this case, vomit is an appropriate word because purging of various sorts dominated my existence for the past week. I came down with some sort of stomach bug last tuesday, making me nauseated and purgey for a full six days.

Sadly, prior to this I had been on a health kick: I'd decided I was going to knock out my pre-diabetes by adopting a mostly raw vegan diet and was blending and dehydrating my way into heaven on pure dietary virtue. Happily, I'd found that I wasn't allergic to agave nectar after all and had even found a way to make a decent raw vegan "cheese" "cake." Other than this indulgence, however, my diet consisted of green smoothies and dishes such as "fried" "rice" made out of chopped raw cauliflower or "bbq" "ribs" made mostly out of ground nuts. My husband says he doesn't believe in food in quotes, but I was chowing down pretty happily. Not all my recipe experiments were a success: can't say I loved the beet burgers, but I did feel energetic (I even ditched caffeine!) and relatively satisfied. If I ever felt deprived, I ate one meal a day of a regular cooked ovo-lacto vegetarian diet.

But then came the nausea. Chances are it had nothing to do with the raw food -- my 2 1/2 year old daugher had been vomiting the week before so there was a good chance it was just a virus -- but you know how when you come down with nausea anything you ate in that time frame becomes repellent for a while? Now I can't look at my raw foods, even the "cheese" "cake" -- I only hope this is a passing thing.

So now I'm back to the standard ovo-lacto vegetarian diet I've been on for the last 20 or so years. So far I've managed to stay off the caffeine, but we'll have to see how long I can hold onto that.

Teresa thinks that giving up caffeine means that I should forfeit the $25 Starbucks gift card I won at Sporks recent 40th surprise birthday party, but after all, I didn't say I gave up decaf. Besides, now if you register your Starbucks card you get free milk options, which means my soy milk is free! Besides, I wear my Starbucks card like a badge of honor: It signifies that I knew Sporks better than anyone at the table except Teresa. I can even say that I didn't have to guess what the title of her Bachelor's thesis was -- I recognized it right away out of all the options.

Besides, since I hadn't been drinking much coffee right before I got sick, the sight and smell of coffee doesn't nauseate me. Glory, glory hallelujah.

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