the Mammal Chronicles: November 2007

when it comes right down to it, ya lactate or ya don't.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

the Club

My husband and I are not known for our athleticism. Years ago we decided that we would correct our sendentary ways by taking a daily walk. Not long after, we found ourselves ending our walks at 7-11. The sad thing is we didn't even notice for a while that it had become a habit, effectively negating any good we were doing.

Periodically, I get it in my head to try exercising. Once I took up Karate at an all women's studio. My favorite part was the sweeping before and after. During my pregnancy, under midwife's orders, I began walking or biking daily, but this too did not last.

More recently I began to think perhaps Yoga would be the answer: spiritual, aesthetically pleasing, not a lot of jumping up and down. I researched a few local options, and after a site visit, decided that the Club might be the place for us. Not a yoga studio per se, but something somewhere between a gym and a country club. It cost not much more than a yoga studio alone, but included in the price was membership for the entire family including, and this is the amazing part, 3 hours of childcare a day 7 days a week.

The girl, however, has not been as excited about childcare as we have been. Today was the fourth time we've dropped her off and she started panicking the moment we got to the gate. We could hear her screams from across the courtyard. She seems to have a good enough time once she's settled in, but the initial process is painful for all involved. We keep hoping it will get better.

More appealing to the girl is what she calls the "beach" -- she doesn't differentiate between the ocean and a swimming pool. To her, they are both enormous bodies of water and that girl just loves to "s'im".

Mama is enjoying yoga thus far (and hoping that will last), but especially enjoys the steamroom and jacuzzi thereafter. Maybe that will get me to the club when nothing else will...