the Mammal Chronicles: November 2006

when it comes right down to it, ya lactate or ya don't.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another sleepless post...

It has been quite a while since I posted. You may have guessed it has something to do with that job I got that I promptly panicked about. It does indeed, though worry not, I'm not so panicked anymore. In fact, I like the job quite a lot. I'm not entirely confident that I'm quite up to being competitive if I were to be considered for non-Interim yet, but what I am doing I enjoy. Correct that: what I am doing has saved me. If I weren't doing this job, I'd be stuck entirely in my other department and that would mire me in bitterness ever-growing. Now the bitterness is just a mild funny taste in my mouth. Doesn't sound like a huge improvement, I know, but I'll take funny taste over bitter any day. Besides, in the new job I'm in charge of being all enthusiastic and optimistic about community service. It's a hard sell, lemme tell ya. For example, I offered a workshop at a student leadership conference the other day and had a whole 5 people show up. The workshop scheduled immediately after me in the same room, which had to do with the completely non-optimistic topic of stereotypes and racism, drew at least 30-40 people, so it wasn't as if students weren't going to workshops at all -- just not mine. Still, as hard a sell as it is, being in charge of being enthusiastic and optimistic is a heckuva job.